Agile Readiness, Implementation and Institutionalization

If we just call a group of people into a room, train them one of the agile methodologies and ask them to do the project in the agile way, things may still work with the illusion of agility. They may get some benefits as well. It is more like someone who buys a DSLR camera and keep clicking in the auto mode. The results could be better than the past, but it is designed to give much more benefits. For optimal and sustainable implementation of agile, one must focus on the organizational readiness, implementation and institutionalization.



  • Requirements management
    • Approvals
    • Product backlog
    • Prioritization
    • Stories
    • Estimation
    • Release planning
  • Stakeholder management
    • Identification
    • Orientation
    • Communication planning
  • Risk management
    • Identification
    • Prioritization
    • Management and tracking
  • Team
    • Selection
    • Training of the agile framework
    • Special training for product owner and scrum master
    • Team seating arrangements and resources
    • Common understanding of the framework
    • Common understanding of ‘Done’
    • Understanding of the agile principles, values and agile manifesto
  • Communication
    • Methods and tools
    • Frequencies


  • Management practices
    • Sprint planning meeting
    • Sprint backlog
    • Information radiators
    • Sprinting
    • Daily stand ups
    • Burn down chart
    • Sprint review
    • Sprint retrospectives
    • Velocity calculations
  • Engineering practices


  • Commitment to agile even under pressure
  • Motivation
  • Alignment with the performance appraisal systems
  • Interfacing with other systems within the organization

An integrated and systematic approach will help teams and organizations to reap the real benefits of agile like;

  • Better productivity
  • Faster return on investment (ROI) for the customer
  • Better quality
  • Better predictability
  • Highly motivated and capable teams

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