Scrum and the sapling

Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master (scrum guide). It is based on empiricism, which assumes that knowledge comes from experience and decisions happen around what is known.  The key foundations of empirical process control are;

  • Transparency – Visibility to the stakeholders
  • Inspection – frequent inspection of the scrum artifacts and progress towards sprint goals
  • Adaptation – process adjustments

So, in order to achieve the benefits of better predictability and productivity, data based decision making is the continuous improvement engine of all agile practices including scrum. Just practicing the ceremonies as rituals will not unleash the potential of agile.


While transitioning a team to agile, one may see some benefits from day one itself, and that is only a fraction of the potential. If the leadership is willing to commit to agility and nurture it like a sapling, for a while, then it will truly transform the workplace and the bottom lines through better customer and employee satisfaction and engagement.

Just a two day’s class room training alone will not bring in this turnaround. We are keen to work with you closely to transition your teams (small, medium, big) into true agile teams, if you are looking forward to leverage true agility as a strategic advantage to scale up your business.

Contact :  0091 9895372115


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