First break all the rules #Scrum Master

First break all the rules by Marcus Buckingham is one book which transformed me and thousands of managers worldwide into effective leaders ( servant leader)  by providing those 12 great questions, as a road map.. Introduction to the concepts of this research based book, which is written after interviewing more than 30,000 managers worldwide, gave me an actionable road map to transform my managerial style from autocratic to servant leadership.  I recommend this book to all managers, especially those who work as Scrum Masters, would be scrum masters. Movement from the traditional managerial  style of ‘leading from the front’ to the ‘leading from behind’ style that is required to be effective in self organizing teams, could be tricky and painful, till we understand the true spirit of servant leadership. That is where this book helps.  Life is easy, once you master the style which worked for great managers worldwide. Once you master that style, you can manage any good team in this world effectively and with much lesser effort. Get a copy for yourself as a reference book and try to score high on those 12 questions from your team. Once you start scoring between 3-5, see the difference you have made to the team and to yourself. Trust, this helps.